Our Clients

We believe that a life free of violence and abuse is a basic human right.

We provide comprehensive legal services to domestic violence victims, including victims of dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, and other forms of gender-based violence in Washington, DC. and Montgomery County, MD.

Our attorneys also represent vulnerable immigrants and serve as court-appointed attorneys for at-risk children living with abuse, neglect, domestic violence and other dangerous circumstances in Washington, DC.

Hear from our incredible clients below:

Christine’s Escape

Joseph tightly controlled Christine’s every movement. He tracked her location by phone, checked her social media postings daily, and scrolled through her phone each night. When Christine changed her phone password, he became enraged and punched her in the face, breaking her glasses. After she fled to bathroom, he grabbed a knife and threatened to cut her in front of their two young children. He then choked her until she passed out.

Christine felt powerless. She had no where to go with a toddler and a baby and did not know how to make Joseph leave since only his name was on the lease. After more than a year of escalating violence, Christine decided she needed to protect her children despite her fears of becoming homeless and came to our Domestic Violence Resource Clinic for help. After hearing her story, we took her case and assigned an experienced pair of volunteer attorneys to represent her in court. Christine’s case was difficult as Joseph had also filed a protection order against her falsely claiming she was the violent one. With DCVLP attorneys by her side, a trembling Christine was able to testify about his abuse.

The judge agreed with Christine and granted her a protection order along with full custody of the children. He completely denied Joseph’s request.

During the case, DCVLP’s Client Advocate guided Christine through the the housing process where she eventually obtained a housing voucher in her own name. She also connected the toddler to a counselor specializing in young children affected by trauma. Today, Christine and her two boys are living in their own apartment and thriving.

Names and identifying details have been changed to protect client privacy. Images are stock photos.