2020 was a year that none of us could have predicted.

It showed us the best and the worst that society has to offer. Our community was deeply shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased attention to long-standing racial inequities, and the need for our services reached tragic levels.

This need remains significant. With your support, DCVLP stands ready and able to ensure that each person in the District of Columbia is entitled to a life free from violence and abuse. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you – our longtime supporters and our new friends.


At our Annual Benefit, you will hear from Congresswoman Katie Porter, Singer/Songwriter Brenda Russell, and many incredible DCVLP clients, staff, and supporters. It is sure to be a meaningful evening as we recognize the five Founding Members of our Law Firm Sustaining Circle and we honor Steptoe & Johnson LLP as our Pro Bono Partner of the year for their incredible commitment to DCVLP and our community. ⭐️

We have gathered everything you need to have an amazing evening at home!

BENEFIT21 OFFICIAL PLAYLIST: Grab your EmpowerMINT cocktail and enjoy our Benefit21 Playlist full of empowering tunes.

DIGITAL PROGRAM: Read our Benefit 2021 Digital Event Program, which includes details about our host, honorees, and supporters.

DIGITAL PARTY PACK: Here you’ll find ingredients to our EmpowerMINT cocktail, ideas for how to share the evening on social media, tips on how to participate in Text 2 Give, and advice on screensharing if throwing your own watchparty!

  • Digital Program

    Read details about our host, honorees, and supporters here:

Benefit21 Program by DC Volunteer Lawyers Project

2021 Digital Party Pack by DC Volunteer Lawyers Project

  • Lead Underwriter: $50,000

  • Champion: $25,000

    Katherine & David Bradley

  • Defender: $15,000

  • Protector: $10,000


    James & Kaye Barker
    Bill Isaacson & Sophia McCrocklin
    Karen & George Marcou
    Kate & Joe Margolis
    Mary and Jeff Zients

  • Voice: $7,500

  • Guardian: $5,000

    ZwillGen logo.png

    Beth Brinkmann
    Barbara & David Garlock
    Dale & Stephen Harburg
    Tom Hentoff & Sally Sloan
    Heather Lamberg
    Sarah Morgenthau & Carl Wessel
    Thorn and Sharis Pozen
    Pam & Dick Sauber
    Kaiti Saunders & Rob Colenso
    Katharine Weymouth

  • Advocate: $2,500

    Jessica C. Abrahams
    Melanie L. Aitken
    Hal Brewster & Geoff Wetrosky
    Alexandra Busch & Joe Krisch
    Tara Sakraida Parker & Richard Parker
    Caroline Stanton
    Jennifer & Zachary Stillerman

  • Supporter: $1,000

    Carol & John Boochever
    Christina Brito
    Chet & Elizabeth Burrell
    Matt Cohen & Katie Kedian
    Alexis Collins & Stephen Kotev
    Tom Fishbein & Veronica Gomez-Lobo
    Susan Fox & Jeffrey Markowitz
    Ivy & Horace Howells
    Helen Kirsch Gordon
    Frank Marshall & Florence Auld
    Linda Rhodes
    Tim Shriver & Linda Potter
    Natasha Sim
    Ellen B. Spiegel
    Susan & Stephen Symons
    Tracy Zorpette & Scott Lassman


Jessica Carter Altman | Adya Baker | Kaiti Saunders


Democratic Leader Charles E. Schumer
Senator Tom Carper
Senator Chris Coons
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Senator Lisa Murkowski
Representative Debbie Dingell
Representative Adam Schiff
Councilmember Charles Allen
Councilmember Mary Cheh
Councilmember Brianne Nadeau


Melanie Aitken
Clare Bonsignore
Carol Boochever
Hal Brewster
Christina Brito
Alexandra Busch
Tracey Coates
Matt Cohen
Alexis Collins
Lina Dagnew
Jamillia Ferris
Susan Fox
Barbara Garlock
Dale Harburg
Ivy Howells
Joelle Justus
Heather Lamberg
Karen B. Marcou
Cheryl Masri
Louise Micallef
Sarah Morgenthau
Tara Sakraida Parker & Richard Parker
Lissa Percopo
Sharis Pozen
Maggie Prieto
Pamela Sauber
Christina Silberman
Caroline Stanton
Jenna Stern Ross
Jen Stillerman
Christina Tammaro
Grant Tanenbaum
Alison Vest
Sissy Yates