Electronic Filing

The Domestic Relations Branch at DC Superior Court uses electronic filing in divorce and custody cases (including those that include a request for child support, but not separate child support cases). All attorney pleadings other than Complaints, sealed pleadings, and emergency motions – which you must file in person at Central Intake* – must be e-filed, so please set up your account immediately. E-filing is not available for CPO cases.

Instructions on creating an account and using the e-filing system can be found below. Note: As your browser, use Internet Explorer on PC or Firefox or Chrome on Macs, as CaseFileXpress does not guarantee that other browsers will provide full functionality.

  • How to Register for an CaseFileXpress E-Filing Account
    • Please go here and click Register, then follow the screen-by-screen instructions. If you are not DC barred, you will input the numbers “999999” as your bar number (and DC as the state of bar record) for the system to accept your information. Please note that on the first or second screen there will be a box stating: “court clerk may change my document type.” Please leave that box checked.
    • At “Firm details”: type Firm Registration Code: efileDCVLP.
    • At “Select Delegates”: click NEXT without selecting any options/names.
    • At “User ID and Password”: if you are a solo practitioner, a CCAN attorney or are an employee of another firm/entity that will also require you to register, you will have to register twice with different user IDs. Please register through DCVLP with a user ID that identifies you as a DCVLP “law firm member,” such as lastnameDCVLP).
  • E-Filing Requirements
    • Per Domestic Relations Rule. 7(b)(1)(D), attorneys are no longer required to submit proposed orders when filing motions, unless specifically ordered by the judge to do so.
    • CaseFileXpress will not accept unsigned documents. On the signature line, you can simply write, “/s/” or include a scanned or digital signature.
    • DO NOT use any special characters in the title of your documents, such as apostrophes, as the system will not accept titles with special characters. For example, the title should read “Motion of the GALs” rather than “GALs’ Motion.”
  • Filing and Processing Fees—Fee Waiver Cases
    • In all GAL cases, and in DRB cases in which your client has been approved for IFP (in forma pauperis) status, no payment of filing fees will be necessary.
    • On the drop down menu of document types select the heading “XIFP.”
    • You will also need to enter a Promo Code, to avoid CaseFile Xpress’s processing fees. The code is dccourtapprovedifp.
  • Filing and Processing Fees—Non-Fee Waiver Cases
    • If your client has NOT been approved for IFP status:
    • Please speak to your supervisor about whether it is appropriate to request IFP status at the time of filing.
    • If your client is ineligible, you can request a reimbursement from DCVLP for fees paid..
  • Further E-Filing Information and Help: Please go to this page. For direct help from casefilexpress, the e-filing Support Team is available in a variety of ways to assist you, by phone at (877) 433-4533 or (888) 529-7587and by email at support@fileandserve.com. You may also contact volunteer@dcvlp.org or call us at 202-885-5542.

*The Central Intake Center is operating remotely during the COVID-19 public health emergency, and Complaints are being accepted electronically. You can find the clerk’s office’s instructions for initiating a case here. If you have questions, please reach out to your supervisor.