Child Advocacy Program:
Providing a Voice for DC’s At-Risk Kids

Judges appoint DCVLP volunteer lawyers to represent children living with abuse, neglect, domestic violence, or parental drug abuse, or other dangers, and help ensure they grow up in safe and stable homes.

DCVLP’s guardian ad litem volunteers investigate, negotiate, speak in front of the judge, make recommendations, and ultimately serve as a voice in court for these vulnerable children. Alongside their partner volunteer, and with guidance from their DCVLP supervisor, volunteers meet with the children, visit their homes and schools, and interview parents and teachers. The children our volunteers represent can’t talk to the judge themselves. DCVLP volunteers strive to represent their best interests to the judge.

Said one DCVLP volunteer after fighting for her child client: “For my client, it took her from feeling lost and forgotten, to feeling like: I have a purpose, I have a place in this world.”

“Give children a voice.”
– DCVLP volunteer attorney

To Volunteer: If you are an attorney interested in representing at-risk children, please submit a volunteer registration form, then contact the Volunteer Coordinator at for information on trainings.

Learn more about the Child Advocacy Program by watching the video below.